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December 26, 2008

Alcon Receives FDA Approval for ReSTOR +3.0

Alcon, Inc. announced the approval of their ReSTOR +3.0 intraocular lens for the treatment of presbyopia following cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange.  This IOL will complement their already approved ReSTOR +4.0.

So what does this mean to our refractive cataract patients?  The ReSTOR +4.0 is an excellent multifocal IOL that allows my patients both near and far vision without glasses.  Some patients receiving this lens will complain that they cannot see intermediate distances well.  These patients need to sit close to computer monitors to see clearly.

The ReSTOR +3.0 will provide better intermediate vision.  Most likely patients will begin to receive a +3.0 in one eye and a +4.0 in the other eye.  This will afford these patients excellent near, intermediate, and distance vision without glasses!

For our patients that wish to rid themselves of bifocals, the results from premium IOLs have been excellent.  The introduction of the +3.0 will only enhance these outcomes.  EyeCare 20/20 will be one of the first practices in the country to have access to the ReSTOR 3.0 within the first few weeks of 2009.


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