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March 04, 2010

Post Menopausal Women Beware: Hormone Replacement + Alcohol = Cataracts!?


Photo courtesy of http://www.theage.com.au/news/technology/quarks-gluons-and-corroborating-emc2/2008/11/21/1226770694126.html

There is an interesting article in this month's Ophthalmology titled Hormone Replacement Therapy in Relation to Risk of Cataract Extraction: A Prospective Study of Women.

This study included 30,861 women aged 49 to 83 years who completed a questionnaire about hormone status, use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and lifestyle. Of these, 4,324 women underwent cataract surgery during the 98-month follow-up interval.

Results showed:

  • Women who had ever used HRT had a 14% higher risk of cataract than women who had never used therapy.
  • Current HRT users had an 18% higher risk of cataract than women who never used HRT.
  • In women who consumed alcohol, current HRT users had a 29% higher risk of cataract extraction than those who did not use therapy.
  • Current HRT users who consumed more than one alcoholic beverage daily had a 42% higher risk of cataract.

The study concluded that postmenopausal women using HRT for a long period of time may be at an increased risk for cataract extraction, especially those drinking >1 alcoholic drink daily.

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It certainly makes sense for women who are or have beenon HRT to limit their alcohol intake if they wish to reduce their risk of cataract development.


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Wow! Good to know! I'm getting toward the age where Hormone Replacement therapy may be in my near future.
Thanks for the info!

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