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June 30, 2010

Colbert Pokes Fun at Board Certification & LASIK

Stephen Colbert had a great show yesterday, poking fun at Rand Paul's board certification in his own National Board of Ophthalmology instead of the American Board of Ophthalmology.  He then "performed" LASIK on his intern.  It was very funny!!

BTW, I am Board Certified in the ABO, and would love to do the intern's and Colbert's LASIK!  Hey Stephen, give me a call, my office is not far from Montclair, we already have the US Speedskating connection thru LASIK for the Gold, and I will do it for free!!

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Without doubt, this economy has made the ingenuity of many reaches unprecedented levels. I wondered how effective were the actual results on TV participation (in terms of marketing).
Anyway it was fun, thank you doctor for Sharing your sense of humor with Us.
Best Regards

Is this video avilable elsewhere? I would love to see it.

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