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October 21, 2010

Vision Harvest 2010: From Tennessee to NJ With a Little Help From Her Friends..

So tomorrow is our second annual Vision Harvest free cataract surgery day!  I saw our final patient pre operatively today, and its a great story!  Shirley lives in Tennessee, can't see because of her cataracts, and can't afford surgery as she has no insurance.  Last year her daughter, Amanda heard about our program, after the fact, while surfing the web.  She called our office and was placed on this year's list.

When Amanda got the call about this year's program, she had only 1 concern, how to get her mom to New Jersey to get the free cataract surgery.  Her solution, a facebook campaign to raise money for transportation and hotel during Shirley's stay.  The campaign worked, raising the $600 necessary to make the trip!

I saw Shirley today, she is a good cataract surgery candidate, and will surely benefit from tomorrow's procedure.  We were even able to arrange for her to have free post op care back home in Tennessee.

As I told Shirley in the following video, "She has a great daughter!!"



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