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8 posts from December 2010

December 30, 2010

My Top 10 LASIK Blog Posts of 2010


Hard to believe its the end of 2010.  Boy, has this year flown by...  It's time again to list my top 10 blog posts of the year.  Here they are:

  1. One-Sided Reporting:  Diane Sawyer of ABC News Covers LASIK With Bias Reporting.  This was by far my most read blog post of the year.  It was very popular within the ophthalmology community and was discussed in a number of blogs and publications.
  2. Vision Harvest 2010.  This is a series of posts promoting our second annual free cataract surgery initiative.  It was a great success with over 25 people receiving free cataract surgery this year.
  3. Get LASIK and Help Build a Well. The Charity Water Project.  This was our first offer combining charitable giving with a discount for LASIK surgery.  These efforts have been quite successful with over $6,000 going to various charities since July!  We will continue to tie charitable giving with LASIK discount offers in 2011.  Stay tuned!
  4. Avastin vs. Lucentis in Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration  By: Wendy Bedale.  The Avastin:Lucentis controversy has also been a popular topic on my blog.  Wendy Bedale was kind enough to allow me to reprint her excellent paper describing the history of this treatment for macular degeneration.
  5. Traumatic Dislocation of LASIK Flaps 4 and 9 Years After Surgery.  An article that I wrote about a rare late complication of LASIK that was published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery.
  6. LASIK for the Gold.  Our LASIK for the Gold program allowed a number of winter athletes to receive LASIK surgery.  Our athletes won 7 medals in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.  Several more will competing in the 2012 Summer Games in London!
  7. An Ode to LASIK.  Another borrowed post from Sonja Johnson, who sings the praises for LASIK.
  8. My Dad Turns 80 and I Find Out His ReSTOR Eyes Are Better Than Mine! An "aha" moment, when I discover my dad sees better without glasses than me..
  9. Video Testimonials.  ANother ongoing category where I interview patients who discuss the results of their various surgical procedures.
  10. 5 Reasons Not to Get LASIK at a Corporate LASIK Center.  This says it all, a case for personalized care..


I hope you all have enjoyed reading this blog.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in 2011.  We at EyeCare 20/20 can only hope that the next year brings everyone much health and happiness.  If there is anything you would like me to discuss, please feel free to drop me a note at [email protected]


December 28, 2010

What We Do With Your Glasses After LASIK

I have posted in the past about what we at EyeCare 20/20 do with old glasses following LASIK and Refractive Cataract Surgery.  Basically, we set up collection boxes in our reception area for our patient to donate their old glasses.  We must collect over 10 large boxes of glasses annually.  We then donate these glassses to those in need. 

Our last supply was given to Mike Kambourakis and the Rotary Club of the Caldwells, who arranged to help the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  His story was told in a local paper, and reprinted below, along with a letter from Mike.

If you have glasses that you no longer use and would like to donate them, drop them in the mail to:

EyeCare 20/20
Glasses Donation
46 Eagle Rock Ave.
East Hanover, NJ  07936

We will be happy to make sure that they get to someone in need!




    Caldwell Patch xx

Patch2 xxx

December 21, 2010

Toys for Tot's for LASIK a Success


Today was the last day of EyeCare 20/20's U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots drive.  We were able to collect many boxs of toys in exchange for LASIK discounts.  We decided to help the Madison Police Department in their efforts to collect toys for this worthy cause.  Today, officer Ed Mitchko came by to pick up the toys for the department.  I am sure that our patients have helped in making many children happy this Christmas Season, thank you all for your generosity.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we will continue our $500 LASIK discount in exchange for a donated coat as part of Burlington Coat Factory and Good Morning America's Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Coat Drive.  This drive will continue through February.


December 15, 2010

Pupil Size Not A Factor in LASIK Outcomes

There is an interesting article presented for publication in Ophthalmology titled:  Effect of Preoperative Pupil Size on Quality of Vision after Wavefront-Guided LASIK by Annie Chan MD and Edward E. Manche MD out of Stanford University.  This paper studies what I have noticed for a long time:  pre operative pupil size does not effect quality of vision in wavefront guided LASIK

Although large pupil size is viewed by some ophthalmologists as a relative contraindication to undergoing LASIK, preoperative pupil size does not affect quality of vision after wavefront-guided LASIK.  There is no doubt that with first generation lasers, pupil size was an important factor in determining night vision issues,.  However, I soon noticed that this was not the case when I upgraded to the Allegretto laser over 5 years ago.  This study supports my observations.

The study evaluated the effect of pupil size on quality of vision after wavefront-guided LASIK in a  study of 51 patients undergoing the procedure for mild to moderate myopia or astigmatism.  Pupil size was divided into 3 groups:

  • 31 small pupils (up to 5.5 mm)
  • 36 medium pupils (5.4-6.4 mm)
  • 32 large pupils (at least 6.5 mm)

Night time glare, haze, and halo scores were increased for all pupil sizes in the first month, but improved over the folowing months. There was no significant differences among the 3 groups.   Visual clarity at night and day improved from baseline at all visits, and there was no association between pupil size and these measurements.

The authors conclude:

A number of previous studies found a strong correlation between the level of attempted correction and visual symptoms, particularly glare, after refractive surgery.  It is possible that the use of wavefront-guided ablations may play a role in reducing visual symptoms after refractive surgery, especially in eyes with higher levels of myopia and astigmatism.

Further comparative studies are needed to validate this hypothesis.

This paper supports what I have been telling my patients for a long time:  although it has been reported in the past that night vision issues may be related to pupil size, I do not see it with the Allegretto laser, in fact, I more commonly see an improvement in night vision as compared to glasses or contact lenses.

December 11, 2010

The Best Holiday Gift Yet!


Yesterday was EyeCare 20/20's annual holiday party. We had it at a local Hibatchi Steak House and it was a lot of fun. Each year the staff all chip in to buy me a nice present.  Past years I have gotten everything from a wine making class to fly fishing supplies to biking accessories.

This year was the best gift yet.  Everyone chipped in to buy a bag of toys for me to donate to our Toys for Tots Drive!  As they say, it always feels better to give than receive!

For those of you who missed my last post, EyeCare is partnering with both Toy's for Tots and Warm Coats Warm Hearts to collect toys and coats for the less fortunate.  If you are in the area, please drop something off.

I posted some pictures of the party on Flickr for anyone interested.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!!

December 09, 2010

Tis the Season: Give Us a Toy, Give Us a Coat, Let's Spread the Joy!!

In keeping with our new tradition of giving back, this month we at EyeCare 20/20, have decided to join forces with the Madison Police Department and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots, as well as Burlington Coat Factory and Good Morning America's Warm Coats, Warm Hearts Coat Drive. Bring in a new, unwrapped toy OR a new or gently used coat at the time of your initial LASIK consultation and receive a $500 gift certificate good towards a bi-lateral LASIK procedure*. As a special bonus, you'll also receive a second $500 gift certificate that you can use to give to that hard to buy for person on your list this year.

Don't need LASIK? Not to worry, Bring in a new, unwrapped toy OR a new or gently used coat and receive a $60 coupon good for any complete pair of prescription eyeglasses or $20 off any non-prescription sunglasses in our optical shop

Toy donations will be accepted until 12/20/10.
Coat and outerwear donations will be accepted until 1/10/11.


Have a happy and healthy holiday season!! 


For over the 58 years of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program, Marines have distributed more than 351 million toys for 166 million needy children. This charitable endeavor has made the U.S. Marines the unchallenged leaders in looking after needy children at Christmas. In its second year of participation, the Madison Police Department is looking to beat last year's record of collecting 500 toys for needy children. Let's help them reach that goal. Even the smallest toy can help make a difference.

All coats and outerwear collected will be dropped off at the Burlington Coat Factory in Montville and then distributed to people in need. Other types of outwear are also being accepted, such as sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and even hats and gloves.


December 07, 2010

My Dad Turns 80 and I Find Out His ReSTOR Eyes Are Better Than Mine!

My dad turned 80 yesterday!  My sister and I decided to buy him an iPad for his birthday.  He constantly travels back and forth to Florida, and is always watching movies on a mini DVD player, or listening to a book on tape.  I figured an iPad would allow him to do all it in one.  Only one problem, he is technologically challenged.

So, yesterday, after giving him his present, I spent some time configuring the iPad.  He didn't even know if he had wireless in his house!  After finding the wireless router I had to figure out it's code and password.  Luckily they are printed on the router.

Now, at 54 years old, I consider myself lucky.  I have perfect distance vision, and generally don't wear readers.  This is certainly the exception.  The print on the router is quite small, and every time I entered the information onto the iPad it did not configure!  Finally I handed the router to my dad and asked him to read it.  He got it right the first time and the router was configured!

Now, he also has perfect distance vision and doesn't wear readers!  The difference?  I did cataract surgery on my dad 2 years ago and implanted the ReSTOR multifocal IOL.

I hate to admit it, but it appears that his 80 year old ReSTOR eyes work better than my 54 year old eyes!  Boy is that depressing...

December 05, 2010

2010 EyeCare 20/20 Open a Huge Success

2020-Winners L-R:  Geoff Mitchell, Scott Leighton (consulation winner), Faraz Kahn (winner), Naim Bulbulia (runner-up), and Cary Silverman


The annual EyeCare 20/20 Open was played at the Chatham Club this past weekend.  This event has traditionally been the first open squash tournament of the season in New Jersey.  Once again, Geoff Mitchell did a wonderful job organizing the tournament, with over 45 entries!

Today's men's 5.5 finals pitted experience vs youth.  This year, youth prevailed with 17 year old Faraz Kahn outdueling squash vereran Naim Bulbulia in 3 games, 11-2, 11-9, 11-3.  Faraz is one of the top junior players in the country, and will competing in both the US and British Opens later this year!

Those interested can view the entire tournament draw, or view more pictures of the event.