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January 03, 2011

Will Nintendo 3DS Stunt Your Kids Eyes?

Warning: Nintendo 3DS could eff up your kids' eyes photo

First the answer... No!!  Here is another sign of the times to cover ourselves in a litigenous society...

According to CNN:

Nintendo is warning young children against playing 3-D video games on its upcoming handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS. Kids age 6 and younger who play the 3-D games may have the growth of their eyes stunted..

The warning notes that parents can turn off the 3-D functionality of the handheld 3DS. They can also set passwords that keep kids from using that feature.

The statement also asks everyone who plays the 3-D gaming system to take periodic breaks from the games as often as every hour or 30 minutes.

The warning follows many others on the potential health effects of three-dimensional entertainment. TV makers have issued warnings about young people, pregnant women and even drunk people viewing 3-D TV, noting that the medium may cause nausea, dizziness, and seizures.

I spoke today with EyeCare 20/20's pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr Lauren Rispoli, today about this.  Dr. Rispoli said there is absolutely no scientific basis to make these claims, there is no way a 3-D device can stunt a child's eyes! 



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