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April 12, 2010

Patients Blogging About Their LASIK Experiences

When people are contemplating getting LASIK surgery, they often have many questions about the LASIK experience.  Word of mouth certainly accounts for most of our LASIK referrals here at EyeCare 20/20.  We often post our patients experiences through the video testimonial category of this blog and on our YouTube page.  There are also web sites out there where people talk about LASIK experiences. (Although th LASIK testimonial Blog follows my twitter feed, I have no affiliation with it.)

Howard Yermish is an online marketing strtategist.  I have used him to help get two of my sites , LASIK the Refs and LASIK for the Gold, up and running.  After working with me for the past year, Howard decided he too could benefit from LASIK surgery.  He decided to blog about his own LASIK experience.  Here is a video from his blog discussing why he decided to have LASIK.

February 25, 2010

LASIk for the Gold Athletes Score 2 More Medals in Vancouver

Yesterday was  very successful day for LASIK for the Gold Athletes with two bronze finishes.  This has increased our medal count to 3 in the 2010 winter games!  Hopefully there is more to come...

Katherine Reutter was part of the 3000m women's relay that captured the bronze medal. 

LASIK for the Gold's Erin Pac teamed with Elana Meyers to take the Bronze Medal in women's 2 Bobsled. It was the first medal for the US in a sliding event in this year's games!

In other news, there were 2 more stories this week about our LASIK for the Gold Program:

Sports Business Daily:

Published February 24, 2010

Inside Pitch: Olympics Helping Raise Katherine Reutter's Profile
Reutter Hoping To Win Her First Olympic Medal
In Today's 3000m Short-Track Relay Event

U.S. speedskater Katherine Reutter heads into today’s 3000m short-track relay event hoping to win her first Olympic medal of the Vancouver Games. The 21-year-old burst onto the national scene in December after an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” Reutter has been a vocal supporter of the “Colbert Nation” initiative, which has raised $300,000 to sponsor U.S. Speedskating. Reutter’s profile continued to expand leading up to the Olympics after appearing on NBC’s “Today” show and riding on a float in this year’s Rose Parade. Chicago Sports & Entertainment Partners’ Patrick Quinn, Reutter’s agent, noted Reutter’s highest-profile sponsor currently is Verizon. She is featured in commercials with Bonnie Blair and in Web promos for the company, but those will not be seen during the Games due to the IOC’s rule 41, which prohibits non-Olympic sponsors from activating between February 4-March 3.

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Some of Reutter’s endorsements are outside-the-box, such as her deal with New Jersey-based Eyecare 20/20 and the Champaign, Illinois, Police Department. Reutter’s deal with the Champaign Police includes promoting the department’s “Cops for Kids” program, which provides children with the opportunity to interact with police officers in a positive atmosphere. The initiative is displayed on Reutter’s suit during competitions as well as on her Web site. Eyecare 20/20’s Dr. Cary Silverman decided to sponsor Reutter last year after he was approached by Quinn. Silverman noted he is not doing any marketing campaigns with Reutter but she, along with 10 other Olympians, is featured on the company's Web site and Facebook page. As part of the sponsorship, Silverman provided Reutter with free Lasik eye surgery and flew her to and from his office for the procedure. Silverman: “It gives my practice some credibility, word of mouth. ... We’ll definitely be getting more exposure than a small practice in New Jersey ever could get.”

Eyecare 20/20
Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.
Champaign, Illinois, Police Dept.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Quinn is optimistic companies will soon bring Reutter on board for future deals. “A lot of people have compared Katherine to Bonnie Blair. They’re actually from the same hometown. Here’s this Midwestern wholesome girl. .. I wish we had more athletes like her. She’s so personable and good with the media. There aren’t too many products that I don’t think she’d be a fit for.” Quinn noted there are three areas where Reutter could really connect with sponsors. “She’s a home run for any healthy eating company because she is a very clean eater, more than probably any other athlete I’ve ever seen. She’s also very green and very much into the environment.” He added that she is “very much into style” and would be a natural for companies that want that “image of a young, healthy, vibrant girl.” Quinn noted that Reutter aspires to a career in health, fitness and nutrition once her athletic career is complete. He added that she “would love” to be featured in a fashion or style magazine once the Olympics are wrapped.


Katherine Reutter (eyecare2020.com)

Katherine Reutter (eyecare2020.com)

What is Olympic Vision? It’s the  free Lasik procedures given to Team USA members by Dr. Cary Silverman, a Lasik eye surgeon in East Hannover, N.J. whose unique version of getting into the Winter Olympic spirit was to offer free procedures to Team USA members. Katherine Reutter, a 21-year-old short-track speedskater was one of those with terrible vision and living on the ice financially. Dr. Silverman noted that “Katherine had terrible vision and that she was a wonderful candidate for the procedure because of how bad her vision was and it was great to help her out.

Here is a partial list of Team USA athletes who had been given Olympic Vision by Dr. Silverman

Chad Hedrick (speedskating) –  Hedrick will square off against fellow American Shani Davis in the 1500 meters at this year’s Games.

Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled) – A pusher behind U.S. driver Steve Holcomb in Team USA’s number one sled, the “Night Train,” Tomasevicz and his teammates are on the podium more often than they are off of it.

Erin Pac (bobsled) – Long since considered “likely to make the Olympic Team,” Pac has recently shown that simply getting to the Olympics isn’t good enough. A World Cup bronze medal in Salt Lake City in November turned heads on the international bobsled circuit and marked Pac as someone to keep an eye on in Vancouver. She currently holds a 5th place ranking in the overall World Cup standings.

Molly Engstrom (hockey) – Highly likely to do battle with the host Canadian team with gold medals on the line.

Dan Joye (luge) – Joye, who is part of the doubles luge team of Niccum & Joye is part of the number one ranked US sled.

January 11, 2010

5 Reasons Not to Get LASIK at a Corporate LASIK Center


Corporate LASIK Centers have long touted themselves as the largest providers of LASIK in the US.  I have previously blogged about why I think it is important have your LASIK at a local LASIK provider that provides diversified eye care services.

Here are my top 5 reasons NOT to go to a corporate LASIK Center:

  1. Here today, gone tomorrow.  Corporate LASIK centers are large companies.  They are subject to all the external pressures facing corporate America today.  If our banks and auto industry have difficulty in an economic downturn, imagine the problems corporate LASIK centers face with diminishing consumer spending.  A case in point:  TLC, at one time a darling on Wall Street and one of the largest corporate providers, filed for bankruptcy in December.
  2. One trick ponies.  Most corporate LASIK centers specialize in LASIK only.  Many times a different procedure, such as ICL or Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), may provide a superior outcome.  If the corporate center does not do these procedures, they are not offered.  By going to a diversified eye care practice, the correct procedure is paired with a patient's needs.
  3. Revolving doors.  The LASIK surgeon at a corporate center is generally an employee.  The turnover at these centers is very high.  One of the centers in my area is on their third surgeon in 5 years.  I know continuity of care is important for my patients.  I still see LASIK patients that I originally treated in 1996, 14 years ago!
  4. Commoditization.  Corporate LASIK centers would like you to believe that LASIK is a commodity.  They would like you to believe that LASIK surgery can be done by anyone, and the most important decision a patient can make is to find the best price.  I beg to differ!  Surgical experience and expertise go a long way in achieving superior outcomes.  I always tell patients to shop results, not price.  It is often difficult for a patient to shop outcomes.  The best way to do so is to do your homework.  Ask around and find that practice that has people raving about how well they see, how easy the procedure was, and how well they are treated every time they are seen.  This is who should be doing your LASIK!
  5. Lifetime Guarantee?  A great selling point that corporate centers give is the Lifetime Guarantee.  These Lifetime guarantees come with many strings attached.  The Laser Eye Center of Carolina recently blogged about many of these strings:
  • The lifetime guarantee only applies to patients within certain parameters. They typically are not available for farsightedness, or for patients with more significant amounts of nearsightedness or astigmatism. The lifetime guarantee only applies if you get an excellent outcome on your initial LASIK procedure.
  • The guarantee is void if you need an enhancement or “touch-up” procedure. 
  • The guarantee only applies if your vision changes to significantly more nearsightedness (worse than 20/40). What if you drift to 20/30 or become farsighted as you age? Sorry, you’re on your own.The guarantee allows only for additional LASIK procedures. Of course, there is a limit to the number of times a LASIK procedure can be performed and the guarantee does not apply to procedures such as conductive keratoplasty which may be a better option for you as you age. 
  • The center determines the advisability of further LASIK. This does not allow for the participation of the patient in the decision making. The “lifetime” referred to may be the lifetime of the center. With the current economic downturn, most LASIK-only centers are operating in the red. One large center in Charlotte, NC recently closed its doors. We have seen several patients who were patients of now defunct laser centers who found that their lifetime guarantees were worthless.
  • You may be required to undergo yearly exams at an affiliated doctor’s office. Miss one of these mandated exams and your guarantee becomes void. But what difference does it make how often you go in for an exam or where you go? The truth is, unless you have diabetes, glaucoma or some other eye condition, eye exams every two to three years may be sufficient according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Such restrictions are an unnecessary burden and expense making it difficult and in some cases, impossible for a patient to meet their obligation under this arrangement.

November 20, 2009

Melinda Owen Thrilled With Her New Eyes!

Melinda Owen

Melinda Owen presents me with a signed pair of track cleats she used in

last year's pole vault competition.  Check out our new LASIK for the Gold hats!

Melinda Owen did wonderfully following her LASIK surgery this week at EyeCare 20/20.  She was kind enough to drop us an e-mail:

So I want you to know that how happy I am with my eye sight!!! I pole vaulted today and wore my goggles so I had zero problems at all and saw as crisp as can be! I have been bragging about how exciting getting lasik has been to my family and told my mom and brother that I would want them to see Dr. Silverman if they were going to get it done. 

So when i was going through my bag Dr. Silverman gave me I found some cards for a free lasik evaluation and so I have convinced my brother to try to get in and see him.  He was an athlete as well, he wrestled for University of Michigan and now coaches wrestling at Harvard. I think after hearing how happy I am about my results it has really made him realize how much he wants to do it too. I hope you know how much I appreciated everything you did for me while I was there this past weekend.  I had a great time getting to know you all. I wrote a little thing up on my blog about it even :)

She also posted on her blog:

While in the training room, here at the Olympic Center, I was complaining about my contacts when a friend Ariel Martin explained to me a program she was apart of.  Lasik for the Gold, is a program Dr. Silverman started to help aspiring olympians get the care they need but may not be able to afford. Ariel is a BMX Biker who had just recently got Lasik done. She said she would email the program director about me, but I didn’t think to much of it until I got a call from them only days later.
. . .YAY!!! I couldn’t believe it.  Only two short weeks after receiving the call I was flown to East Hanover, New Jersey where I met with Dr. Silverman and his team to get Lasik Eye Surgery done It was a huge success!!! Not only am I able to see 20/15 now, but I was also given the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

As most anyone would be, I was very nervous to get the surgery done not to mention the fact that I was to fly across the country and do it all by my self. That is right, every girl wants her mom near by to take care of her :-)  But from the moment I landed, Dr. Silverman’s assistant Keri made sure I was completely taken care of and extremely comfortable.  I hope that they realize how appreciative I am for everything.  I suggest you take a Lasik for the Gold to see the amazing things Dr. Silverman has done.


We are so looking forward to the upcoming pole vault season and rooting for Melinda in her bid to make it to the 2012 Olympics in London.  In the following video, Melinda talks about her experience with the LASIK procedure at EyeCare 20/20.

January 20, 2009

Sports Agent Blog Interview: Seeing 20/20… LASIK and Sports

I Want to be a Sports Agent

I was recently interviewed by the SportsAgentBlog.com.  The interview was posted today.  This blog is the first site on the Internet devoted to servicing Sports Agents. My interview discussed LASIK and its relationship to sports.  Below is an excerpt from the introduction:

Tiger Woods and LeBron James. They are two of the most recognizable and celebrated athletes on the face of the earth. Both have an almost unparalleled ability to dominate their respective sports, are seen worldwide in countless marketing endeavors, and will both be considered two of the greatest athletes of all time. Another thing they share in common? They have both had LASIK eye surgery done. They’re not alone either. Greg Maddux, Amare Stoudemire, Rip Hamilton, and many others are also taking the time to get the procedure done. With so many big name athletes having their vision corrected, you can see a trend beginning to develop within the professional sports world.

According to a June 2006 Study, approximately 168.5 million residents in the United States, roughly 75% of the population, use some form of vision correction. So chances are you and most of the people you know are wearing glasses or contacts to see properly. With vision being such a critical aspect of every sport, many athletes are considering undergoing the LASIK procedure. Here with us is Cary M. Silverman, M.D., Medical Director of EyeCare 20/20 in New Jersey, to answer some questions about LASIK for us. As a distinguished eye surgeon, Dr. Silverman has been featured in publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, and as a guest ophthalmologist on The Health Network. He has treated a number of professional athletes and is currently correcting the vision of a number of U.S. Winter Olympians prior to the 2010 games in Vancouver.

January 18, 2009

Get LASIK Before Buying That Blu-ray or HDTV!

Two of my twitter buddies, @BSbikenj (also a biking buddy) and @cksthree, brought this information to my attention. Thanks!

It seems that there are many consumers who purchase Blu-ray players and HDTVs and are unable to perceive the added picture quality offered by the new technology.  Even the slightest deviation from perfect 20/20 vision renders the human eye unable to appreciate all those extra pixels. One blog suggests getting an eye exam and new glasses or contacts to benefit from the added resolution one is purchasing.
 Another suggests LASIK and blu-ray purchases.  


So, if you are not being wowed by that new 60 inch HDTV you just got over Christmas, maybe a LASIK screening should be on your to do list!

November 24, 2008

Jill Kintner Talks About Her LASIK in Her Blog


Olympic BMX Bronze Metalist, Jill Kintner posted her LASIK experience last week in her blog.  The post is titled "The light show- 20-20".  Below is an excerpt:

"ANYWAY,,, Here is how it works....After not wearing contacts for about a month, you go in, run through a half a dozen computerized and other line reading tests. They scan everything, check the shape of your eye, thickness, RX, etc. Dilate your pupil, then reverse dilate, double check, triple check, Then program the laser. After your eyes are back to normal from being dialated, they give you a vallium to relax , then some numbing drops before the surgery. THe surgery takes no time. Eyelids are clamped open, then they cut a flap in your lense, peel it over to get to the cornea, you go kinda dark for a bit and cant see, then a crazy light show, smell your burning cornea getting reshaped, then he peels the flap back over, you blink, and on to the next one, no pain at all. It happened so fast that I really was speechless afterwards trying to make sense of what just happened. This was the only surgery I have ever been awake for, cause you have to focus your eye, and it was crazy. Slept the rest of the evening, and was good to go the next day. Sweet. I am so glad I did this.

Seriously, worth every bit of the emotion and fear. So pumped. No more contacts, no more annoyingness. My brain is just happy to be seeing clear. www.eyecare2020.com

Thanks to Dr.Silverman, who probably thought I was the biggest sissy ever, Keri, and Amy Stanton for lining this up for me!! Think I am as spruced up with surgeries as I would ever want to be. Wish my knee would heal this fast."

November 07, 2008

No Excuses, Refs!


No Excuses, Refs!

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