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August 04, 2009

LASIK for the Gold's Kristi Leskinen Wins ABC's Superstar Competition


LASIK for the Gold member, Kristi Leskinen and teamate Maks Chmeroskiy ran away with this year's Superstar's competition on ABC.  Kristi made the trip to New Jersey in June to have her LASIK surgery.  She was kind enough to recently record her LASIK experience for a commercial on WDHA.  Here is a copy of her recording:


Congratulations Kristi & Maks!!

May 29, 2009

Olympic Short Track Speedskater Hopeful Katherine Reutter Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season Following Her LASIK at EyeCare 20/20


We recently heard from Katherine Reutter,
the number 1 ranked American Short Track Speedskater.  She is doing very well since her LASIK surgery at EyeCare 20/20 and is anxiously looking forward to testing out her new eyes on the track!


May 27, 2009

Cataract Surgery @ EyeCare 20/20: Driving at 126 Years Old!!

I recently received a Thank-You note from a 76 year old patient who I preformed cataract surgery on.  This patient was referred by his ophthalmologist for me to do his surgery.  In his note, this patient mentioned that he sees well enough to drive for the next 50 years!  I guess we will see him on the road for his 126th birthday!!


April 07, 2009

Olympic Short Track Speedskater Hopeful Katherine Reutter Writes About Her LASIK at EyeCare 20/20


Katherine Reutter, the number 1 ranked American Short Track Speedskater, had her LASIK surgery at EyeCare 20/20 last month. Katherine is a 5-time World Cup Medalist, 4-time American record holder, and ranked 7th in the overall World Championships.

We just received this  note from Katherine:

Just 10 short days ago i got LASIK eye surgery from Dr. Silverman at Eyecare 20/20 in East Hanover, NJ and I'm happy to say that I'm recovering wonderfully and have almost fully adapted to a life without glasses or contacts! I had very little discomfort after the surgery even though there were warnings of dry eyes and irritation. The surgery was quick and painless and I'll be happy with the results for the rest of my life.


The office of Eyecare 20/20 was such a quaint and hospitable atmosphere. I felt like the nurses and doctor had been my lifelong caregivers and not just people who'd be helping me on one short visit. The staff was very flexible allowing me to take the time i needed to prepare for the surgery; they were supportive and reassuring through out all of my concerns.


I would highly recommend Dr. Silverman and Eyecare 20/20 for anyone interested in LASIK surgery. I couldn't have had a better experience anywhere else.



We are anxiously looking forward to Katherine's upcoming season with her new visual freedom..

March 17, 2009

Olympic Bobsled Hopeful Erin Pac Has LASIK at EyeCare 20/20

Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cup Day 5

Olympic hopeful, Erin Pac, recently made the trip down to New Jersey to have LASIK at EyeCare 20/20.  Erin began bobsled as a brakeman in 2002, joining the World Cup team to push for drivers Bakken, Rohbock, and Sprung.  In January 2005, Pac was recognized along with the U.S. Women's Bobsled Team as the USOC Team of the Month. During the 2005-2006 season, she learned to drive and made her World Cup driving debut just one year later during the 2006-2007 season.  Pac continues to climb in the international rankings, recently claiming a bronze medal at the inaugural World Cup race in Whistler, Canada.

Hopefully the visual freedom that LASIK has afforded Erin will help her win a gold metal in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!  She will be racing on the same track where she won the Bronze this year...


Here is a note we just received from Erin:

Dear Eyecare 20/20,
Thank you for this great opportunity to experience the world without glasses or contacts.  As a bobsled driver, my job is to see and guide my sled down the icy track.  On many occasions my contacts would bother me while competing.  With each run only taking a minute to cross the finish, I couldn't afford to wait for my contacts to readjust.  Since the LASIK, I am now able to see 20/20 without my glasses or contacts.  It's a great feeling to know that for the upcoming Olympic season I don't have to worry about blurry vision.
The staff at Eyecare 20/20 was outstanding and Dr. Silverman is one of the kindness surgeons I have ever met.  I would highly recommend Eyecare 20/20 to anyone looking for a warm, inviting, caring atmosphere to have LASIK.
Thanks again!
Erin Pac
USA women's bobsled

February 17, 2009

Full Service Eye Care & LASIK: It's About the Relationships!

EyeCare 20/20 is a full service eye center.  Being a full service eye care center, we are fortunate to continue to see our patients long after their LASIK surgery.  We like to build long, lasting relationships with our patients. Its not "have your LASIK and never see you again."  It is not uncommon for us to give children their first pair of glasses, than their first pair of contact lenses.  Perform LASIK on their parents, and perform cataract surgery on their grand parents.  In fact, there are many long standing patients in our practice whom I have done all 4 on:  prescribed  glasses, contacts, LASIK, and cataracts!

I recently saw Charles Sanfilippo, a long time patient for his yearly eye exam.  We could hardly believe that it was over 10 years since I preformed LASIK on him!  He was nice enough to shoot me an e-mail to me last week and allow me to share it with you:

I am a patient of Dr. Silverman and had the lasik procedure done about 10 years ago.  I wore glasses since I was 9 years old and wished for the day that I did not have to wear glasses.  When soft contact lenses came to be I wore them and then needed reading glasses a few years later.  The whole process became too cumbersome to negotiate.


I was referred to Dr. Silverman by a family member and had the lasik process done.  What a remarkable result.  I just had an eye exam this fall and both Dr. Silverman and I realized how the time flew by since the initial procedure.  


The results have been none less than perfect.  I just witnessed my 63rd birthday in January and realized that my wish was fulfilled.  Reading

glasses are still a small part of my life, but with that kind of a trade off, I say "who cares". 


Thank you Dr. Silverman!!!!!!

Charles Sanfilippo

January 13, 2009

What to do With Your Glasses After LASIK






There was a recent contest sponsored by a LASIK practice in the DC area on YouTube.  The gist of the contest was to make a video of the best way to destroy your glasses after having LASIK.  The winner was to receive free LASIK surgery.  Many of the videos submitted were quite funny.  Originally we thought this was great publicity for the practice, but after more reflection, we decided that there were better ways to dispose of one's glasses following LASIK.


We at EyeCare 20/20, consider the “gift of sight” as one of the most precious gifts.  That’s why we encourage our patients to assist us in our ongoing efforts to donate their used glasses. Each year thousands  of used eyeglasses are collected by our office and distributed to 2 worthwhile causes:




  1. New Eyes for the Needy:  New Eyes for the Needy purchases new eyeglasses for poor children and adults in the United States and recycles donated glasses for distribution to indigent people in developing nations worldwide.  Founded in 1932, New Eyes has brought improved vision and hope for a better future to more than 7,000,000 people in the U.S. and around the world.  New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer organization.   Over the years, our practice has donated thousands of pairs of eyeglasses to this wonderful organization.
  2. The Hillsborough Crossroads Community Church Medical Missions:
For the last four years we have teamed up with the Hillsborough Crossroads Community Church and their mission efforts in the country of Ecuador. Daniel Woo, MD a former LASIK patient is one of the many volunteers of this mission, and brought its cause to our attention.  Eyeglasses that are donated through our office are cleaned, measured and then fit by their team of eye care experts and given to needy individuals in local villages. These eyeglasses make an immense improvement in their lives, allowing them to complete school or find a job or craft, not to mention the pleasure that good vision gives to all of us. The majority of these frames and lenses have primarily come from patients who have undergone the LASIK procedure at our office and no longer have a need for them.  This January, another batch of glasses are currently making their worldwide journey to help those in need. We will post photos and news when the 2009 mission team returns.

Ecuador mission2 kid




Ecuador mission3 grp




It has been our pleasure here at EyeCare 20/20 to participate in such wonderful and beneficial causes and we thank those of you who have donated your glasses in the past.  Have an old pair of glasses you’d like to donate? Contact us for more information, or stop by our office and look for our donation box.


To encourage more eyeglass donations. we will be implementing the following incentives (Please print this blog post to redeem this offer):


  • Interested in LASIK?  We will take $250 off the cost of LASIK for each pair of glasses donated, up to 2 pair or $500 total for a bilateral surgery. This may not apply in combination with any other offers.
  • We will give a 10% discount certificate to our optical shop for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, or our contact lens department for a new contact lens fitting for each pair of glasses donated. May not be combined.

  •  Had LASIK elsewhere and not know what to do with those old glasses?  Mail them to our office and we will see that they are put to good use.  Our address is:

EyeCare 20/20
Glasses Donation
46 Eagle Rock Ave.
East Hanover, NJ  07936


Ecuador mission TY2













November 08, 2008

WOW vision with the Visian ICL

Just came across this great letter from a very happy Visian ICL patient.  This is a typical response from our ICL patients.  ICLs are used to treat moderate to severe nearsightedness, and can often be used in patients who were told that they were poor LASIK candidates.  The ICL is also known as a phakic IOL. It is a lens that is implanted inside the eye to improve uncorrected vision.  Results and vision is excellent with the ICL.


September 09, 2008

Clear Vision Following LASIK

JR is a 36 year old who underwent LASIK on 8/15/2008.  Pre op vision was 20/400 in each eye with a Rx of -4.25 right eye, -2.00 left eye.  Vision was 20/25 uncorrected at the 1 week visit.

JR is quite pleased with her new "clear vision"...

JRTy copy

Free LASIK Winner Expresses Appreciation

We received a beautiful fruit basket and thank-you from Maura, This month's free LASIK winner.  It's so nice to know that we are appreciated and helping others to experience a new found visual freedom.