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August 24, 2010

LASIK for the Gold Athlete Updates: Less then 2 Years Till London!!

With the 2010 Winter Olympics but a recent memory, our LASIK for the Gold program has been very quiet of late.  Just to recap, this program provides free LASIK surgery to our Olympic athletes in an effort to afford them the best oportunity for Gold.  The 2010 Games proved to be a success with our athletes taking home seven medals!

I thought I would share what some of our 2012 summer athletes have recently been up to or said about their experience:

Table Tennis sensation, Samson Dubina dropped us an e-mail last week:


Dear Dr. Silverman and the staff at eyecare 20/20,
I wanted to update you on my life and training.  My last tournament was the North American Championship.  I finished #6 in the continent which boosted my world ranking 80 positions and raised my national ranking.  Right now I'm training for the US National Championships (last year I finished 2nd in the country.)  In preparation, I'll be having one of the best Japanese players living out my house and training me 6 hours/day.
Thanks for you support!  I'll keep you posted when I have a competition in NJ sometime!

Samson Dubina

On Sunday, pole vaulter, Melinda Owen, wrote to her FaceBook Fans:

Melinda Owen

When I head to bed, and then again when I wake up. . . I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am to Cary Silverman for doing Lasik on me. His generosity really has made a huge impact on my life!!!o

BMXer, Arielle Martin responded to her with:


I'm with you buddy, nothing like waking up in the morning seeing clear and perfect! Dr. Silverman rocks! Hope your killing it over there...

Less than 2 years till the Summer Games in London.  Things will begin picking up here.  We are all looking forward to more Olympic glory!!

April 27, 2010

Bronze Medalist Erin Pac Discusses Her LASIK Vision

The Bronze Medal Olympic Bobsled team of Erin Pac and Elana Meyers were at EyeCare 20/20 earlier this month showing off their Medals and signing autographs for fans.  Erin became a member of LASIK for the Gold last year, before the Olympics.  She is still thrilled with her 20/20 vision!

As the driver of USA Bobsled, there is no doubt how important excellent vision is to preforming well.  A Bronze Medal is certainly validation to the results.  Erin was kind enough to discuss the impact her LASIK had on her Olympic performance.

April 06, 2010

Daily Record Features US Bobsled Visit to EyeCare 20/20 on Front Page!

Yesterday's visit by LASIK for the Gold's Erin Pac, and teamate Elana Meyers, the Bronze Medal winners in the bobsled, was featured on the front page of today's Daily record!

Here is the article:

Olympic bronze-winning bobsledders Erin Pac (left) and Elana Meyers visit Monday with Dr. Cary Silverman of the EyeCare 20/20 center in East Hanover. Meyers was there to get free LASIK surgery but her thin corneas ruled her out as a candidate.

Olympic bronze-winning bobsledders Erin Pac (left) and Elana Meyers visit Monday with Dr. Cary Silverman of the EyeCare 20/20 center in East Hanover. Meyers was there to get free LASIK surgery but her thin corneas ruled her out as a candidate. (STAFF PHOTO: JOHN BELL)

Olympic bobsledders say thanks to E. Hanover eye doc - even though one can't get surgery


EAST HANOVER — Olympic bobsled medalists Erin Pac and Elana Meyers were at the Eagle Rock Avenue office of EyeCare 20/20 on Monday, where they signed autographs and posed for photos.

The dozens of people who came to meet the pair had the chance to hold the bronze medals they won in the Vancouver Games this year.

But the main purpose of the visit — Meyers getting LASIK eye surgery — never happened.

During screening Monday, Dr. Cary Silverman realized Meyers' corneas were too thin and she was not a candidate for the vision correction surgery, which Silverman offers for free to Olympic-level amateur U.S. athletes. So Meyers was still wearing glasses and greeting visitors at 2 p.m. when she had planned to be getting prepped for surgery.

Pac, 29, and Meyers, 25, comprised the two-member U.S. bobsled team that finished third this year, with two Canadian teams winning gold and silver. Pac, the driver, got LASIK at EyeCare 20/20 a year ago and returned to East Hanover for the appearance.

Meyers, the brakeman who flew to the township from training in Lake Placid, N.Y., took the news of her too-thin corneas in stride, and said she was grateful Silverman offers the procedure to Olympic hopefuls for free. She said she couldn't have afforded it on her own. And she sees herself as having benefited from Pac's LASIK-improved vision.

"I benefited also," Meyers said. "Clear vision helped us win the medal."

Pac said clear vision is essential when driving 80 mph down a steep, icy track with "mind-boggling curves."

"I'm the eyes and hands of the sled," said Pac, a resident of Farmington, Conn.

An avid sports fan, Silverman started LASIK-for-the-Gold in 2008 to help top U.S. athletes who participate in sports that don't typically offer opportunities for serious financial gain, including luge, BMX, speed skating and pole vault. He has performed the vision correction surgery for 11 athletes so far. Of Team USA's 37 medals in Vancouver this year, seven were won by athletes who got LASIK from Silverman, according to the program.

Even at the elite level, Pac and Meyers said, bobsledding is still an "amateur" sport, with little hope of sponsorships.

"We're not rolling in diamonds or blinging out or anything like that," Meyers said. "It's not lucrative, let's put it that way."

Meyers said she will be "working like crazy" this summer, including as a trainer at a Gold's Gym near where she lives in Douglasville, Ga.

Jake Remaly:
[email protected]

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

 2010-04-05 USA Bob_CMS18472010-04-04

Today was an exciting day here at EyeCare 20/20.  We were fortunate to host the olympic Bronze Medal USA Bobsled team of Erin Pac and Elana Meyers.  They were in town for two reasons. 

First, they were here to let the public get a look at their Bronze Medals, sign autographed pictures, and talk about their Olympic experiences.  About 100 people came in to take advantage of this unique opportunity.  I posted photos of the event on our Flickr site.

Second, Elana was in town to join Erin as a member of the LASIK for the Gold team.  Before an athlete can qualify for LASIK for the Gold, we have them get some preliminary testing at home so that I can review the results.  If everything looks OK, they are scheduled to come to New Jersey for additional testing and undergo LASIK surgery.  Unfortunately, this additional testing showed that Elana was not a good LASIK candidate, and the surgery was canceled.  I think I was as disappointed as Elana!

This brings me to an important point:  I truly believe you can tell how good a LASIK surgeon is NOT by the difficult cases he claims to perform, but by those cases he doesn't do.  Most of the complications I see on consultation could have been avoided by never doing the surgery!  The key to excellent results is in preoperative screening and avoiding those patients who are not good candidates for the procedure!

March 24, 2010

Olympic Bronze Medal Winners to Visit EyeCare 20/20

The Olympic Bronze Medalist bobsled team of Erin Pac and Elana Meyers will be paying a visit to EyeCare 20/20 on April 5.  Elana will be joining Erin as a member of LASIK for the Gold.  Erin had LASIK surgery performed on her last year before the Olympics while Elana will have LASIK on April 5.  Below is our press release for this exciting day:

EAST HANOVER, NJ – Meet United States Olympic Bobsledders Erin Pac and Elana Meyers at EyeCare 20/20 on Monday, April 5 from 12:00-2:00 p.m.   Pac and Meyers maneuvered a 400 pound sled down the fastest bobsled run in the world and won Bronze last month in Vancouver.  Reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph on a track that overturned countless sleds in both the men’s and women's fields, Pac's steady hands and sharpened vision brought her and teammate Elena Meyers their first taste of Olympic hardware. Bobsled pilot Pac attributes part of her success to the LASIK surgery provided by Cary M. Silverman, M.D. Pac’s teammate and brakeman Meyers will be undergoing her LASIK surgery on April 5.  The athletes will be signing free autographs and taking pictures with fans.  The public is welcome.  Food and beverages will be provided for this celebratory party for Team EyeCare 20/20.

"The track in Vancouver is ridiculously fast so of course clear vision was more important than ever," said Pac.  "It was the thrill of a lifetime to stand on the Olympic podium and I'm so grateful to everyone at EyeCare 20/20 for the help in making my Olympic dream come true."

EyeCare 20/20 did its part to help Team USA in the 2010 Winter Games through the LASIK-for-the-Gold campaign. EyeCare 20/20 gave free LASIK surgery to USA athletes to assist their pursuit of gold with the addition of “new eyes”. Team EyeCare 20/20 claimed seven medals in Vancouver, including: Chad Hedrick (speedskating – silver and bronze), Molly Engstrom (hockey – silver), Katherine Reutter (short track - silver and bronze) and Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled – gold).

“It was an amazing feeling as I sat up and for the first time since the third grade, I could read the clock on the other side of the room without the aid of my glasses or contacts,” said Gold Medalist and member of the 4-man Olympic Bobsled Team, Curt Tomasevicz. “I'm thankful for the life-changing procedure performed by Dr. Silverman and his staff. I hated the discomfort of my glasses and I hated having to rely on my contacts, especially in a sport where perfect vision is vital.”  

The athletes traveled from all across the country to EyeCare 20/20 for treatment because of the practice’s recognition as one of the premier LASIK facilities in the country. "The medals represent years of hard work, discipline and focus and I am thrilled beyond belief," said Speedskater Katherine Reutter.  "It took a whole team of people to help me realize my dreams and Dr. Silverman and everyone at EyeCare 20/20 were a part of that team.  At the Olympics, I no longer had to worry about contacts, solution or even glasses.  I saw better than ever and I'm pretty excited to be looking clearly at a brand new pair of Olympic medals!"

With the Winter Olympics now over and Summer Olympics around the corner, Dr. Silverman is continually adding Olympians to his already long list of professional and collegiate athletes that have enjoyed this visual enhancement.  The list of athletes now includes ten Olympians or Olympic hopefuls. “I’m just doing my part to help Team USA claim gold.  I love the Olympics and it’s been an honor helping these dedicated athletes be their best,” said Silverman.

Olympic hopefuls who had LASIK surgery also include these four who hope to continue their success in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Arielle Martin of US BMX is the current UCI World Cup SX Champion. The 2008 USA Cycling BMX National Champion, Jill Kintner who went on to win the bronze medal in BMX racing in the sport’s Olympic debut in 2008 in Beijing. US National Table Tennis player and Current US National Mixed Champion Samson Dubina, as well as Pole Vaulter Melinda Owens.

March 18, 2010

US Hockey's Molly Engstrom Talks about Her Olympic Experience & LASIK

Molly e action

In response to our recent press release, we received an e-mail from Molly Engstrom, defenseman for the Silver Medal US Women's Hockey Team and a LASIK for the Gold Member.  I thought I would share it with you all:

Hi Kerry and Dr. Silverman,
What a great article!  So cool to read up on the other athletes (of which I spent a good amount of time with Chad and Katherine through the dining hall and in the village) and reflect on my experience with you guys and your staff at eye care 20/20.  My eyes are awesome and like Katherine said in the article, it was so great to be at the Olympics not only with great vision but without having to worry about contacts and glasses and messing with solution.  It was a long journey and a wonderful journey for the Women's hockey team.   We had such a great group in Vancouver, and although heartbreaking in the end it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I know it was very special for all of us.  I just wanted to let you know that you were with me on my journey.   I always think about how I can see perfectly without glasses or contacts and most often times I find it unbelievable.  It has taken a great amount of  time, energy and effort of so many people in my life to help me get to the Olympics and you are part of that family for me.  Thank you so very much!
My very best,

March 13, 2010

Team EyeCare 20/20 Wins SEVEN Olympic Medals Improved Vision Yields Team USA Gold, Silver & Bronze


from http://winter2010olympics.net/

Thought you would be interested in our latest press release.  Here it is:

Team EyeCare 20/20 Wins SEVEN Olympic Medals
Improved Vision Yields Team USA Gold, Silver & Bronze

EAST HANOVER, NJ, MARCH 10, 2010 - With the 2010 Olympic Games complete, Team USA triumphantly returned to The States this week having earned a record setting thirty-seven Olympic medals.  Seven of those medals came from an unusual collection of athletes from different sports and different parts of the country, whose common ground was the surgical expertise of Cary M. Silverman, M.D. of EyeCare 20/20.  In the months leading up to the Olympics, Silverman performed LASIK vision correction surgery on a collection of 2010 Olympic hopefuls, at no charge to the athletes, and the results for Team USA were eye-opening.  Silverman's patients earned nearly 20% of Team USA's record total including one gold, three silver and three bronze medals. 

"I'm thrilled for our athletes, and for all of the athletes who so graciously represented our country in Vancouver," said Silverman. "To have played a small part in helping these athletes be at their best when they needed it the most has been an incredible honor for me and the entire team here at EyeCare 20/20."
In the prelude to the Olympics, Silverman created Team LASIK-FOR-THE-GOLD, offering his surgical services to any 2010 Olympic hopeful athletes including Chad Hedrick (speedskating - silver and bronze), Erin Pac (bobsled - bronze), Molly Engstrom (hockey - silver), Katherine Reutter (short track - silver and bronze) and Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled - gold). 
Reutter became the first US woman in 16 years to win an individual Olympic medal in the action packed sport of short track speedskating when she captured the silver medal in the women's 1000 meter event. 
"The medals represent years of hard work, discipline and focus and I am thrilled beyond belief," said Reutter.  "It took a whole team of people to help me realize my dreams and Dr. Silverman and everyone at EyeCare 20/20 were a part of that team.  At the Olympics, I no longer had to worry about contacts, solution or even glasses.  I saw better than ever and I'm pretty excited to be looking clearly at a brand new pair of Olympic medals!"
One of the more noteworthy successes of an EyeCare 20/20 patient was undoubtedly that of bobsled driver Erin Pac.  Not considered a likely medalist before the Olympics, Pac faced one of the toughest challenges of The Games - maneuvering  a 400 pound sled down the fastest bobsled run in the world.  Reaching speeds in excess of 90 mph on a track that overturned countless sleds in both the mens' and women's fields, Pac's steady hands and sharpened vision brought her and teammate Elena Myers their first taste of Olympic hardware.
"The track in Vancouver is ridiculously fast so of course clear vision was more important than ever," said Pac.  "It was the thrill of a lifetime to stand on the Olympic podium and I'm so grateful to everyone at EyeCare 20/20 for the help in making my Olympic dream come true."
For more information about all of these athletes,  visit:


More exciting news will be release next week, stay tuned!

March 05, 2010

LASIK for the Gold's Curt Tomasevicz and Night Train do Letterman's Top 10!


Last night's David Letterman's Late Show featured the Olympic Gold Medal winning bobsled team "Night Train" performing the top 10 list.  It was great seeing LASIK for the Gold's Curt Tomasevicz enjoying his success!  Here it is:

Top 10 things you don't want to hear from a guy in your bobsled:

10.  Ooohhh, you're strong!

9.  Somebody else steer, I'm twittering.

8.  Hope you don't mind, I brought my kitty.

7.  We're lost.

6.  I bought us a Toyota bobsled.

5.  Why can't we ever be this close out of the sled?

4.  Does something seem off with the shrimp salad at lunch?

3.  After the race, wanna take a shower?

2.  Stop breathing on my neck.

1.  That's not the brake lever, but don't stop pulling.

It was very funny, hope you enjoy it!

March 01, 2010

LASIK for the Gold Athletes Shine in Vancouver with 7 Medals!

With yesterday's closing ceremonies marking the close of the 2010 winter games in Vancouver, its time to reflect on the outstanding performances of our LASIK for the Gold athletes.  Overall, the group won 7 medals, 1 Gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze.  If LASIK for the Gold were a country, this total would place us in 13th place just behind the Netherlands and ahead of the Czech Republic!  Awesome job!!

Here is a breakdown of how our athletes did:

Curt Tomasevicz

Curt Tomasevicz won a Gold medal as the brakeman of the 4 man bobsled.  He also finished 6th in the 2 man event.

Erin Pac

Erin Pac took the Bronze in the women's bobsled.

Molly Engstrom

Molly Engstrom won a Silver Medal as part of Team USA's women's hockey team.

Chad Hedrick

Chad Hedrick won a Bronze in the men's 1000m speedskating and a Silver in the men's Team pursuit.  He also placed 6th in the 1500m and 11th in the 5000m.

Katherine Reutter

Katherine Reutter took a Silver in the women's 1000m short track speedskating and a bronze in the 3000m relay.  She also placed 4th in the 1500m and 3rd in the 500m B finals.

Dan Joye

Dan Joye placed 6th in the doubles luge.

All in all, an excellent job by all our winter athletes.  Now the countdown begins for the 2012 summer games in London!

February 25, 2010

LASIk for the Gold Athletes Score 2 More Medals in Vancouver

Yesterday was  very successful day for LASIK for the Gold Athletes with two bronze finishes.  This has increased our medal count to 3 in the 2010 winter games!  Hopefully there is more to come...

Katherine Reutter was part of the 3000m women's relay that captured the bronze medal. 

LASIK for the Gold's Erin Pac teamed with Elana Meyers to take the Bronze Medal in women's 2 Bobsled. It was the first medal for the US in a sliding event in this year's games!

In other news, there were 2 more stories this week about our LASIK for the Gold Program:

Sports Business Daily:

Published February 24, 2010

Inside Pitch: Olympics Helping Raise Katherine Reutter's Profile
Reutter Hoping To Win Her First Olympic Medal
In Today's 3000m Short-Track Relay Event

U.S. speedskater Katherine Reutter heads into today’s 3000m short-track relay event hoping to win her first Olympic medal of the Vancouver Games. The 21-year-old burst onto the national scene in December after an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” Reutter has been a vocal supporter of the “Colbert Nation” initiative, which has raised $300,000 to sponsor U.S. Speedskating. Reutter’s profile continued to expand leading up to the Olympics after appearing on NBC’s “Today” show and riding on a float in this year’s Rose Parade. Chicago Sports & Entertainment Partners’ Patrick Quinn, Reutter’s agent, noted Reutter’s highest-profile sponsor currently is Verizon. She is featured in commercials with Bonnie Blair and in Web promos for the company, but those will not be seen during the Games due to the IOC’s rule 41, which prohibits non-Olympic sponsors from activating between February 4-March 3.

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Some of Reutter’s endorsements are outside-the-box, such as her deal with New Jersey-based Eyecare 20/20 and the Champaign, Illinois, Police Department. Reutter’s deal with the Champaign Police includes promoting the department’s “Cops for Kids” program, which provides children with the opportunity to interact with police officers in a positive atmosphere. The initiative is displayed on Reutter’s suit during competitions as well as on her Web site. Eyecare 20/20’s Dr. Cary Silverman decided to sponsor Reutter last year after he was approached by Quinn. Silverman noted he is not doing any marketing campaigns with Reutter but she, along with 10 other Olympians, is featured on the company's Web site and Facebook page. As part of the sponsorship, Silverman provided Reutter with free Lasik eye surgery and flew her to and from his office for the procedure. Silverman: “It gives my practice some credibility, word of mouth. ... We’ll definitely be getting more exposure than a small practice in New Jersey ever could get.”

Eyecare 20/20
Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.
Champaign, Illinois, Police Dept.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Quinn is optimistic companies will soon bring Reutter on board for future deals. “A lot of people have compared Katherine to Bonnie Blair. They’re actually from the same hometown. Here’s this Midwestern wholesome girl. .. I wish we had more athletes like her. She’s so personable and good with the media. There aren’t too many products that I don’t think she’d be a fit for.” Quinn noted there are three areas where Reutter could really connect with sponsors. “She’s a home run for any healthy eating company because she is a very clean eater, more than probably any other athlete I’ve ever seen. She’s also very green and very much into the environment.” He added that she is “very much into style” and would be a natural for companies that want that “image of a young, healthy, vibrant girl.” Quinn noted that Reutter aspires to a career in health, fitness and nutrition once her athletic career is complete. He added that she “would love” to be featured in a fashion or style magazine once the Olympics are wrapped.


Katherine Reutter (eyecare2020.com)

Katherine Reutter (eyecare2020.com)

What is Olympic Vision? It’s the  free Lasik procedures given to Team USA members by Dr. Cary Silverman, a Lasik eye surgeon in East Hannover, N.J. whose unique version of getting into the Winter Olympic spirit was to offer free procedures to Team USA members. Katherine Reutter, a 21-year-old short-track speedskater was one of those with terrible vision and living on the ice financially. Dr. Silverman noted that “Katherine had terrible vision and that she was a wonderful candidate for the procedure because of how bad her vision was and it was great to help her out.

Here is a partial list of Team USA athletes who had been given Olympic Vision by Dr. Silverman

Chad Hedrick (speedskating) –  Hedrick will square off against fellow American Shani Davis in the 1500 meters at this year’s Games.

Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled) – A pusher behind U.S. driver Steve Holcomb in Team USA’s number one sled, the “Night Train,” Tomasevicz and his teammates are on the podium more often than they are off of it.

Erin Pac (bobsled) – Long since considered “likely to make the Olympic Team,” Pac has recently shown that simply getting to the Olympics isn’t good enough. A World Cup bronze medal in Salt Lake City in November turned heads on the international bobsled circuit and marked Pac as someone to keep an eye on in Vancouver. She currently holds a 5th place ranking in the overall World Cup standings.

Molly Engstrom (hockey) – Highly likely to do battle with the host Canadian team with gold medals on the line.

Dan Joye (luge) – Joye, who is part of the doubles luge team of Niccum & Joye is part of the number one ranked US sled.